Finish strong!

Keep up your good work as we head into the final weeks of the semester.

Now’s the time to assess how things are going and make a plan for wrapping up this semester with the best grades possible. It’s hard to believe that it’s also time to register for next semester’s classes, too. Follow these tips and you’ll finish this semester strong. Feeling unsure? VCU is here for you every step of the way. Just let us know how we can help.

Tips for success
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Stay motivated by focusing on your goals

Do you want to raise your GPA or get admitted into a selective major or graduate school? You CAN do it if you set your mind to it. Talk with your friends, family members and faculty about your goals and hold on to them as you finish the semester. Revise your behaviors not your goals!

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Review your midterm grades on eServices by Oct. 29

Talk with your instructors about ways to improve your performance. Taking a course pass/fail can help reduce your stress by giving you more time to study for your major or prerequisite courses. If you are sure that you will fail a course, withdrawing may be a better option. Ask your academic advisor for help making this decision before the last day to withdraw or elect to take a course pass/fail (Nov. 5).

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Register for classes

Review the academic calendar, the schedule of classes, DegreeWorks and your Major Map to make a list of classes you want to take, meet with your advisor to review your choices, and register for classes on your assigned registration date to get your preferred schedule.

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Write down the due dates and prioritize

Make a list of all of your assignments, projects, papers and exams. Prioritize the most important projects by estimating how much time you will need to study and prepare for each, and then block out the time on your calendar now. A solid plan will help you approach finals with less stress and more confidence.

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Sleep, eat, study, exercise, be happy

It's important to take care of yourself during stressful times. Make sure that you get 7-8 hours sleep nightly (yes, at night—we know it’s hard!), eat three healthy meals a day, study in 1-2 hour chunks, go for a walk with a friend or take advantage of RecSports online, and plan some fun time each day to regroup and restore. Repeat daily for best results!

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Minimize distractions

Find your study spot: the library is open, and so is Hogwarts if you prefer to study virtually. Most importantly, avoid distractions like social media and the internet. Try putting your phone in a bag on silent: keeping it out of sight will help your brain focus.

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Study effectively

Re-reading the textbook the night before exams isn’t going to cut it. Instead, create your own study guides, mind maps, and notecards with definitions and formulas to master the content. If you can teach someone else the material, you’re ready for finals, so pair up (distantly or via Zoom) with a study buddy and double your efforts.

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You don’t have to do this alone

Make a Writing Center consultation, attend Supplemental Instruction, drop-in tutoring, and faculty office hours. There are many different ways to get help in your classes — the Campus Learning Center is here to help you figure out what’s your best approach.

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Get ready to celebrate

You’re on your way to successfully completing the semester! Acknowledge what’s been new and tough, and then congratulate yourself, your friends and your teachers on making the best of it, together, as one VCU. GO RAMS!!

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