Plan for the Exam

Fall 2021 exams for the Monroe Park Campus run from Tuesday, December 14 through Tuesday, December 21. Follow these easy steps to make your exam plan and you’ll feel confident in your success.

Exam Plan Checklist

  • Start by gathering important information: Answer the following questions for each of your classes. If you are uncertain about any of the answers to these questions, now is the time to email your professor to find out!
    • Do I have a final exam or project?
    • Is my exam timed?
      • Can I start, stop and come back to the exam, or do I need to complete it in one sitting?
      • Is there a specific date and time, or a window of time from which I can choose?
    • What resources can I use?
      • Make sure you have all the resources allowed (e.g. calculator, textbook, notes), if your instructor has said that it is OK to use these resources during the exam.
      • Use tabs to index your book or notes to make it faster to access the information
    • Is it cumulative? Cumulative means all the information from the whole semester will be covered.
  • Write down when, where and how long your exams are on a calendar. Share the schedule with your family and roommates so they know not to disturb you.
  • Use this exam planning sheet to make a study plan for each class. You want to have separate sheets for each class, and you might need a couple for a class with a cumulative exam.
  • Plan out your studying using your exam date as your deadline. Remember, studying in multiple short chunks of time each day is better for learning than rushing all night long at the end.
  • Drop-in tutoring will continue to be available through finals — remember, you can use this service as often as you would like (but also remember, the tutor can’t help on your actual exam).
  • Review your syllabus to see if Supplemental Instruction is being offered for your class. Many classes have marathon sessions at the end of the semester.
  • Find a quiet space with reliable internet access to take your exam. If there isn’t a quiet space at home, find a public library or nearby school with public Wi-Fi, or for students in the greater Richmond area, reserve a private room in the VCU Library to study or take your exam
  • Get plenty of sleep the night before your exams, gather the materials you’re allowed to have with you during the exam, have some water or snacks nearby (if allowed), log into the exam site a few minutes early and get ready to showcase all that you have learned this semester!