Start strong!

VCU is ready for you, are you ready for VCU?

We've compiled the following resources to help you get the best start possible in your classes this semester. Take a few minutes now to complete the steps below (and check out some helpful advice from our instructors) to make sure that you're ready to start the semester strong.

Tips for success
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Review your schedule

Check your schedule for any changes prior to the start of classes! Watch this brief video to learn how to check your schedule in eServices for cancellations, time conflicts or teaching modality changes.

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Understand course modality and mini-term classes

Make sure that you understand the differences between these course modalities and start taking steps to be successful online. Mini-term classes can offer you the flexibility to take courses in your preferred formats. You can find mini-term classes in eServices by doing an advanced search for February-term, March-term, or Spring Minimester attributes.

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Make changes to your schedule

Make any changes to your schedule in eServices prior to the start of classes. Final adjustments can be made according to the deadlines in the Academic Calendar. DegreeWorks and Major Maps can answer some of your questions about your course requirements, but your advisor or program director is the best person to answer questions about adjustments to your schedule.

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Prepare for your classes

Online classes (asynchronous classes in particular) can be challenging. VCU is here to support your learning through Academic Coaching, Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction and Writing Consultations so that you can succeed in your courses.

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Connect and get connected to faculty

You will need internet access and a computer to complete much of your coursework this semester. Take this time to review your syllabi as they are posted on Canvas and reach out to your teachers with questions about course requirements.

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Complete Responsible Together training and submit your vaccination records

Together, we will take the necessary steps to protect the well-being of our community. Students attending fall classes must report their vaccination (if the vaccine requires two doses, both doses should be reported) to University Student Health Services no later than July 15. You must complete the Responsible Together course by Tuesday, August 24, or by the time you arrive on campus for move-in, on-campus classes or to access any activities on campus

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Keep up to date with Navigate

Download Navigate to get updates on important dates and tips for success in your classes! Also, you can make virtual and in-person appointments with your academic advisor, tutor, writing consultant or financial counselor.

Ask for help

If you are a current student who still has unanswered questions, or need additional support, please use this self-referral form below. (Please make sure you're logged into your VCU Google account):

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Refer a student for support

If you are a faculty member, staff, or a student who knows of a student needing assistance, we encourage you to submit the form below. (Please note: You will need to be logged into your VCU Google account.)

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